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21.04.2018 Line 2 station "Selargius Camelie" is in service now.
22.12.2017 Italian government will provide 58,11 million euros to buy 4 new trams and build tram line to suburban Quartu Sant'Elena.
19.01.2016 A head-on collision between two trains, which resulted in hospitalization of 57 people, mostly students on the way to school. Both train operators were also injured. It is suspected that a faulty switch caused the accident, by allowing two trains to run head-on via a single truck segment.
03.04.2015 Line 2 Monserrato San Gottardo — Settimo San Pietro is in service now.
14.02.2015 Extension Monserrato San Gottardo — Monserrato Policlinico is in service now.
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