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22.07.2018 North–South line (Route 52) opened.
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GVB Amsterdam
1875-1900: AOM (Amsterdamse Omnibus Maatschappij); only horsetrams
1900-1943: GTA (Gemeentetram Amsterdam)
1943-....: GVB (Gemeentevervoerbedrijf)
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M Museumtrams
Museum trams of different associations that are located on various places, which can be used on the museum tram line EMA and / or in the city.
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Electrische Museumtramlijn Amsterdam

Tram collection with rides on the old Amstelveen railway line
Stichting Stichts Trammuseum

Association for preserving historic trams of the Utrecht area, operating them on Amsterdam's museum tram line.
Amsterdam Vervoer Museum

Collection of former AOM and TS historic trams in Amsterdam

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