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신의주시 新義州市 Sinŭiju-si (zh: 新义州市)

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01.10.2020 Trolleybus operation restored 10.2020 with the new trolleybus built locally from old Chollima 82 vehicle using the Chollima 321 body.
17.08.2020 Trolleybus network mapped:
2019 The remaining rolling stock removed from the property 11.2019. The trolleybus Depot was used for diesel buses.
01.12.2018 Trolleybus operation suspended 12.2018.
2011 The system was then reduced to the inner-city circle, operated in the counterclockwise direction. Sporadic operation with 3 trolleybuses, 1 spare and with support of 1 work vehicle was reopened in 2011 and maintained between 04 or 09.2011-04.2014, 10.2014-03.2015, 02.2018-12.2018.
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