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Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

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23.07.2015 As part of city's 500th anniversary in 2015 abandoned rail yards along waterfront replaced with a promenade and a park, with a catenary strung over an unused 2 km section of the former rail line to Havana. Hershey Brill car 3008 (1919)
transferred, refurbished and repainted with the inscription "500 ANIVERSARIO", tested on 200 m of track on 23.07.2015, and was to carry passengers for the celebration. The car was mothballed in the shed near the railroad station after that. Location in 2017 TBD, possibly returned to Hershey. A plan to purchase replica cars from the Russian Uraltransmash factory never came through:
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Трамвайная система работала с 12 января (по другим сведениям с 8 февраля) 1908 года по 26 января 1952 года / The system operated from January 12 or February 8, 1908 until January 26, 1952.

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