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27.11.2018 Work on extension Stesicoro-Palestro started. This extension will be 2.2 km long and will contain 3 stations: San Domenico, Vittorio Emanuele and Palestro.
02.08.2018 Italian government will provide 59.5 million euros to buy new trais.
31.03.2017 The new 3,1 km-long segment of the metro line opens with three new stations — Milo, San Nullo & Nesima. The Cibali station to be located between the San Nullo & Nesima stations will be completed in the future.
20.12.2016 Opening of a segment of the metro between the Stesicoro and Galatea stations.
25.07.2015 Work on extension Nesima-Monte Po started. This extension will be 1.7 km long and will contain 2 stations: Monte Po and Fontana.
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