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26.07.2023 The tram is running again and this after a four year period of inactivity. A new management has been appointed, consisting not only of tram enthusiasts, but local representatives have also been included in the new board. There is also a link with the Asvi (Thuin) for the operation and maintenance of the vehicles.
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× Depot Burdine
second depot of the association, 70 km away, for storing excess material. Not accessible to the public.
Closed 26/03/2021.
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Part of the former line 579 Melreux-Hotton to Comblain-la-Tour.
Opening of the line: 09/10/1886
Opening of the section Pont d'Erezée — Lamorménil: between 1908 and 1912.
Closure of the passenger traffic: 27/09/1958
Closure of the freight traffic: 01/10/1959
Section Pont d'Erezée — Lamorménil section bought by association T.T.A.: 01/04/1965
Start of the touristic exploitation: 25/06/1966


The association has bought a very large number of vehicles.
The trailers had a very varied life: sometimes they were used with their original numbering, others were repainted in a fantasy colour and lost their numbering. And still others were converted into goods wagons, where only the chassis was preserved. Then there are a number of carriages that were sold to other associations or were simply scrapped.
Furthermore, the association managed a large number of goods wagons, the origin of which is not always clear, like for example a number of goods wagons of the Rhätische Bahn from Switzerland.
Finally, there have been vehicles from all over the country, some of which are still present, although it is no longer possible to recognise a vehicle in them. The database mentions a lot of vehicles as capable of driving: this was entered on the basis of lists, but it does not mean that they are in operation (suitable to run) or even still exist within the association.

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