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Ústecký kraj

Ústí nad Labem

Ústí nad Labem - Aussig an der Elbe

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12.11.2022 Following modifications of the trolleybus infrastructure at the roundabout near the ZPA stop, the operation of trolleybuses to Střekov has resumed. The Line 60 operates between Mírová and Karla IV, while the Line 62 has been resumed and operates between Divadlo and Karla IV. Both services follow a diversion in the city center via the stops Divadlo — Mírové náměstí — ZPA — Kamenný vrch škola. There is no trolleybus overhead on the Marianský Bridge over the Elbe River, hence, trolleybuses with an auxiliary power option are used. The replacement diesel bus Line X has been suspended.
28.10.2022 Due to the implemented restriction for vehicles over 3.5 t on the Dr. Edvard Beneš Bridge, the operation of trolleybuses to Střekov has been interrupted. The Line 60 has been shortened to the segment Mírová — Mírové náměstí. The Line 61 was strengthened on the segment Mírové náměstí — Globus (- Staré Předlice) as a replacement for the suspended Line 62. The replacement diesel bus Line X has been introduced between Divadlo and Karla IV.
01.07.2020 Změny v trolejbusové síti: linka č. 52 je přerušena, linka č. 57 nyní jede z Mojžíře do Klíše lázně, byla vytvořena nová trolejbusová linka č. 61: Severní terasa — Globus — Staré Předlice. • Changes within the trolleybus network: line 52 is suspended, line 57 now connects Mojžíř and Klíše lázně, a new trolleybus line 61 was opened: Severní terasa — Globus — Staré Předlice.
25.05.2020 Obnovení provozu trolejbusových linek 58 a 59 • Resumption of the operation of trolleybus lines 58 and 59.
12.03.2020 Redukce trolejbusového provozu v souvislosti s koronavirem: linky 58 a 59 mimo provoz do odvolání • Reduction of the trolleybus operation in connection with the coronavirus: lines 58 and 59 out of order until further notice.
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coat of arms of Ústí nad Labem

Ústí nad Labem (German: Aussig an der Elbe) is a city in the North of the Czech Republic, located at Labe river. It is the capital of the district Ústecký kraj and a national centre of Industry and traffic in the North part of the country. The current population is about 93.000 people.

The tram operation in Ústí nad Labem started already in July 1899 by two routes. The network increased until 1953 at its maximum length up to 34 kilometres and was the third biggest tram network in Czechslovakia after Praha and Brno. It connected the city centre with the districts Chabařovice, Trmice, Krásné Březno, Neštěmice, Vaňov, Střekov and Telnice. The depots were at Špitálské náměstí, Bukov and in Předlice, where the bus depot of the transport company is still located at the same place. After using 2-axle motor cars made in Graz before the Second World War many Tatra 6MT manufactured in Česká Lípa were deliverd to Ústí. The last new trams for the city were Tatra T2 which came about the year 1960. The tram operation was finally suspended on 1st of June 1970.

The start of construction of a trolleybus network was in 1984. The opening of the first line was on 1st July 1988. The network increased in the 1990s and has today a lenght of 47 kilometres. In 2007 the last new track was opened which is the first one using the Eastern side of Labe river via Most Dr. Edvarda Beneše bridge. In 2009 the main railway station got a connection to the trolleybus network. The system today consists of the following eleven trolleybus lines which since July 1st 2020 operate like this:

Line 51: Mírová – Skalka
Line 53: Mírová – Dobětice
Line 54: Všebořice – Dobětice
Line 55: Severní Terasa – Žežická
Line 56: Všebořice – Pod Vyhlídkou
Line 57: Klíše lázně – Mojžíř
Line 58: Skalka – Klíše lázně
Line 59: Pod Vyhlídkou – Klíše lázně
Line 60: Mírová – Karla IV
Line 61: Severní terasa - Globus - Staré Předlice
Line 62: Globus – Karla IV

All lines cross the central stop Mírové náměstí near the main station.

The trolleybus fleet consists of several types of Škoda trolleybusses, the most oft hem are articulated ones. Ústí is the last city in the Czech Republic using a high amount of Škoda 15Tr(M) trolleybusses. The trolleybus system is completely integrated in the tariff and transport union Doprava Ústeckého kraje (DÚK). The local transport company Dopravní podnik města Ústí nad Labem (DPmÚL) offers more information and timetables of the trolleybus lines on its website under

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