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10.12.2023 The tram line 15 has been extended by about 2,5 km from Palettes to ZIPLO.
12.12.2021 Two trolleybus routes have been extended on December 12. 2021 :
Route 2 has been extended catenary-free from Onex-Marché to Cressy, replacing bus route 21 over a 2.4 km section and 8 stops. This section was already used by battery trolleybuses before the official extension on selected route 2 services on Friday and Saturday nights.
Route 7 has been extended catenary-free from Aubépine to Bout-du-Monde by an additional 1.2 km with 3 new stops. The total section of the route operated on batteries is 2.1 km long and contains 6 stops.
04.07.2021 The tram line 14 has been extended by about 2 km to the west to its new terminus 'Bernex, Vailly'.
17.02.2021 The first of 23 additional Van Hool ExquiCity trolleybuses has been received. The first few vehicles will replace the 29-year old Swisstrolley 1 trolleybuses within the following months.
15.12.2019 The tram track between Moillesulaz — Annemasse-Parc Montessuit with length (2 km) will be opened on 15 December 2019.
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