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Zhytomyr, February 6, 2023
Most - Litvínov, February 3, 2023
Prague, February 2, 2023
Bălți, February 2, 2023
Antwerpen, January 30, 2023
Bonn, January 30, 2023
Resița, January 29, 2023
Bakhmut, January 27, 2023
Rosario, January 23, 2023
Istanbul, January 22, 2023
Krasnodon, January 18, 2023
Luhansk, January 18, 2023
Chernihiv, January 16, 2023
Zaporizhzhia, January 14, 2023
Naryn, January 11, 2023
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Вакансии редакторов · focus1965  ·  08.02.2023 16:38 MSK
While I won't or can't make the final decision on this, I wonder if you understand exactly how the database works and, more importantly, how the exploitation is organised. I had to reject a number of tickets from you because you conveniently assumed that each depot has its own material. This may be true in some cities, but this is far from the case everywhere. Some of your tickets have been waiting months for a decision: this is not because we (the General Editors) don't want to make time for it, but mainly: because they are c/p of Wikipedia. The names of the depots may be correct but that does not mean we can assign certain vehicles to them. Indeed, these vehicles can be assigned to an entity and this entity consists of several depots. I will deal with another ticket from you today: Vienna. As always, you will get a motivated answer how it is. And this is certainly not as simple as you suggest. I do look into this and so I do try to understand how a particular transport system is organised. Metro vehicles are also very complex for editors. The reason is the numbering: sometimes each car body carries its own number, sometimes there is also a separate train number and then you have trains with different numbers. You already have to be very familiar with a particular system, the language and have access to certain forums to understand how some things are put together locally. You cite a Japanese website here, which could probably be a basis for the database, but there is no assurance of completeness. Furthermore, the line between trains (which do not belong here on the site) and metros is very thin. I immediately found (without a long search) some JR trains. Of course, I looked further on this site and there is also some stuff about Japanese trolleybuses. To my knowledge, you made 1 edit, namely of a Stockholm Metro vehicle - an edit that was accepted. We do realise that there is a lot of work on the database of some cities, like Nagoya as an example. Any user, you included, may add and enhance the database, and if it is done successfully, the Administrators may grant you the necessary rights. Until then, the review is done by a Local Editor or in his absence, a General Editor. You can also always create a ticket for a missing tram/metro type: if a source is mentioned, this ticket will also be processed very quickly. I can only suggest that you first try to make the necessary changes as a user before you are granted rights as an editor. The final decision lies with the Administrators.
Неудачное освещение · Artem2412  ·  08.02.2023 16:25 MSK Здравствуйте! На этом фото сильно неудачное освещение? Выше условки сможет пройти или нет? Просьба рассмотреть фото. В очереди более недели. Спасибо
Я не знаю что случилось, но в Петрозаводске какая-то беда со списанными троллейбусами. 265 недавно откатили, но и другие троллейбусы пострадали в виде перемены начал эксплуатации и списания. Редактор в курсе, но хотелось бы узнать от самого сайта что такое могло произойти...
Уход с Трансфото. · Гкъоэ Къху  ·  08.02.2023 00:04 MSK
Да, сейчас на телефонах цвета сочнее, чем на камерах. Во многих случаях стало проще снимать на телефон: и компактнее, и быстрее реагирует.

Photos added in the last 24 hours:

Almetyevsk: Trolleybus +1
Belgrade: Tramway +2
Berezniki: Trolleybus +1
Berlin: Tramway +4
Bochum: Tramway +2
Bremen: Tramway +12
Brno: Trolleybus +1
Casablanca: Miscellaneous photos +4
Castellón de la Plana: Miscellaneous photos +1, Trolleybus Lines and Infrastructure +1
Cherkasy: Maps +1
Chernivtsi: Trolleybus +1
Chita: Trolleybus +1
Chișinău: Trolleybus +2
Crimean trolleybus: Trolleybus +2, Contact network, of special forces and infrastructure +1
Daugavpils: Tramway +9, Miscellaneous photos +1
Dessau-Roßlau: Tramway +2
Dnipro: Trolleybus +1
Donetsk: Tramway +1, Trolleybus +2
Dresden: Tramway +1
Druzhkivka: Tramway +2
Dzerzhinsk: Trolleybus +1
Düsseldorf: Tramway +5
Eberswalde: Trolleybus lines and infrastructure • Obusstrecken und Infrastruktur +1
Essen - Mülheim an der Ruhr: Tramway +20
Gothenburg: Tramway +5
Grand Paris - Versailles - Yvelines: Metro +3
Helsinki: Tramway +1
Hiroshima: Tramway +1
Irkutsk: Trolleybus +1
Izhevsk: Trolleybus +2
Kaluga: Trolleybus +1, Miscellaneous photos +1
Kazan: Tramway +4, Trolleybus +9
Kemerovo: Trolleybus +1
Khabarovsk: Trolleybus +1
Kharkiv: Trolleybus +20
Khmelnytskyi: Trolleybus +1
Kirov: Trolleybus +1
Kostiantynivka: Abandoned tramway lines +1
Kovrov: Trolleybus +1
Krasnodar: Tramway +4, Trolleybus +2
Krasnoyarsk: Trolleybus +1, Old photos +1
Kumamoto: Tramway +1
Kusttram: Tramway +1
Kyiv: Art gallery +1
Magnitogorsk: Tramway +1
Marrakesh: Trolleybus +1, Miscellaneous photos +1
Minsk: Tramway +3, Trolleybus +2
Moscow: Tramway +13, Metro +64, Electric Bus +9, Tickets (ground public transport) +1, Tram lines: [2] Bauman depot network — North +1, Tram lines: [1] Apakov depot network — center +1, Metro — other +1, Metro — Vehicles — Type A/B +3, Tickets (metro) +1, Tram lines: [2] Bauman depot network — center +1, Tram lines: [1] Apakov depot network — South-West +1
Murmansk: Trolleybus +2
Nagasaki: Tramway +1
Naha: Monorail +1
Nalchik: Trolleybus +1
Nizhny Novgorod: Tramway +3, Trolleybus +4, Metro +2, Tickets +1
Novosibirsk: Trolleybus +1
Omsk: Trolleybus +2
Oradea: Tramway +1
Ostrava: Tramway +3, Trolleybus +5
Penza: Trolleybus +2
Perm: Tramway +1
Petrozavodsk: Trolleybus +2
Podolsk: Trolleybus +13
Poltava: Trolleybus +1
Prague: Tramway +3
Riga: Miscellaneous photos +1
Rosario: Trolleybus +10, Trolleybus lines +1
Rostov-na-Donu: Tramway +1, Trolleybus +1, Track Service MUE RTK +1
Ryazan: Trolleybus +2
Saint-Petersburg: Tramway +21, Trolleybus +46, Metro +7, Electric Bus +1, Metro — Maps +1, Dismantling and abandoned lines +1
Samara: Tramway +1, Trolleybus +1
Saratov: Tramway +1, Trolleybus +3
Schöneiche - Rüdersdorf: Tramway +1
Sevastopol: Trolleybus +1
Smolensk: Tramway +3, Trolleybus +2
Sofia: Tramway +1, Historical — Тramway photos (1945–1989) +1
Sterlitamak: Trolleybus +1
São Paulo: Trolleybus +1
Timișoara: Trolleybus +1
Tula: Tramway +2
Ufa: Tramway +12, Trolleybus +2
Vilnius: Trolleybus +1
Vinnytsia: Trolleybus +3
Volgograd: Tramway +1, Trolleybus +2
Warsaw: Tramway +2
Yaroslavl: Trolleybus +3
Yekaterinburg: New Vehicles and Technology +4
Yerevan: Metro +1
Yokohama: Metro +7
Yoshkar-Ola: Trolleybus +4

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